Chores Then and Now

When I was a kid, particularly around the ages of 12 to 16, I recall doing quite a bit of chores during my summers.

I look back on those memories fondly mostly because those chores were quite the task for my brother and me despite being something I do every single day after work at this age. It’s almost funny that we used to view those chores as work when, in reality, it’s stuff that adults must take care of as cleaning when they’re already not at work. Ironic, isn’t it?

But some of those chores could almost be seen as tasks that defined me and instilled a sort of work ethic within me, especially because my parents were always doing other projects around the house. It made us feel like we were actually helping them out with their time, not just that they were having us do chores just do them (like some parents enforce). No, it never felt like work just for work since we had free time in the summers. It felt like we were a part of something that enabled them more time to put towards other tasks.

So, what sort of chores did my brother and I tackle on a daily basis back in those lazy summer days?


This was probably our favorite chore simply because it took little to no time but made such a world of difference in how the house looked. Cleaning windows was easy, took next to no time to accomplish, and made you feel sort of rewarded to see such a spotless window.


I’ll admit that being a dishwasher in high school pretty much ruined doing dishes at home. The last thing I wanted to do was wash dishes as a chore when I did that as my job in the summers. In fact, I’d always divvy out this chore to my brother and he knew exactly why I didn’t want to do it. Who could blame me?

Mowing the lawn

When I was a kid, mowing the lawn sucked. I always felt like it was a time-consuming task and I’d have to do all sorts of stuff to prepare for it, such as getting the mower out of the shed, making sure it had gas, planning out where I was going to mow first and how I’d do it, making sure I had sunglasses and sunscreen, and then having a source of music to pass the time.

Now as an adult, however, mowing is probably one of my favorite tasks simply because I can pop open a beer, throw a hat and some shades on, get my music ready, and just zone out for an hour or two. It’s honestly so funny to me how that sort of stuff works, where I liked one chore when I was young and despise it now and vice versa.


Author: Felicity Mitchell

Prior to my current job I was consulting about fried chicken in West Palm Beach, FL. Garnered an industry award while researching cod in Pensacola, FL. Spent a weekend deploying action figures for no pay.

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